Tuesday, March 01, 2005

LGE VX8000 and ICamera (Brew)

Have been trying to get my app working on LGE VX8000 and was facing all sorts of issues starting with finding the drivers for the USB cable. For some reason the drivers for LG VX6000 dont work too well with the VX 8000. Got hold of the drivers for VX 7000 from LG(Click on the link for USB Modem Driver) website and it works like a charm now.

But another issue was that I couldn't get ICamera to work on the phone. The device kept throwing out the error code EPRIVLEVEL when I tried to create an instance of ICamera in my code. Finally found out how to avoid that. In the MIF a dependency has to be added to the class Id AEECLSID_CAMERA. All I had to do was create a bid file camera.bid and add that to the MIF file in the dependencies tab. I have included the text of camera.bid below:


#ifndef CAMERA_BID#define CAMERA_BID
#define AEECLSID_CAMERA 0x01002013
#endif //CAMERA_BID


Feels good to finally be able to play around with the phone. The device has a lot of promise and the screen size is as big as the series 60 devices. Will post more about the phone in the days to come.