Thursday, March 07, 2013

How did I ever live before Evernote

I have now been using Evernote for a little over a month and I am amazed by how this service has simplified my life.. well.. not life... but at managing random pieces of information.

I think I created an account on Evernote back in 2011 when one of my colleagues told me about it but at that time the service just did not make the cut for me and I abandoned it.  Since then I have tried to use Google docs, dropbox, ubernote and a variety of different services to manage my personal notes, how-to's and other random crap but every service had something missing or I was just using them for something that they were not meant for.  Then came my decision to give Evernote a second shot and am I glad I did that.

Here is what I love about the service:

  1. Access my stuff from anywhere... yeah anywhere... PC, Android phone, Android Tablet, Mom's iPad, laptop...anywhere. 
  2. Clean and Crisp user interface.  Its simple and elegant and the think I love the fact that i can add a new note in a giffy. 
  3. Attaching files to notes... oh yeah.. love this.
  4. Organizing stuff into notebooks on top of labels.
I think Evernote is a keeper and I might even end up with a paid account soon.