Monday, November 21, 2005

Sprint PCS toolkit and Netbeans 4.1 (How To)

This post deals with ONE way to get the Sprint PCS toolkit 2.0 to work with the Netbeans 4.1 (Mobility Pack) IDE.

1) In the IDE, Open the Java Platform Manager (Tools->Java Platform Manager).
2) In the Platforms: section, select J2ME.
3) Click on the Add Platform Button.
4) In the Dialog that opens up, navigate to the Sprint Toolkit installation directory and select the 'EmulatorWTK2.0" directory.
5) Click Next and Finish up the process.

Now that the Sprint Platform has been added to the IDE, you can test it out by importing a project from the Sprint PCS toolkit. I am using the MapMuglet MIDlet suite as this uses the com.sprintpcs.util package.

Note: While importing the application, Set the Emulator Platform as the Sprint PCS toolkit 2.0 from the drop down in the final step of the import.