Wednesday, February 23, 2005

IHtmlViewer - Input Mode for Data (Brew)

My frustration continues with IHtmlViewer in my BREW application. I have a HTML Form that I want the user to fill out. Some of the fields can be only numeric and it becomes a pain if the user has to use the Multi- tap input mode for this.

The viewer operates in 2 modes - the Inline edit mode and the normal mode (Each field opens up in another window). In the second mode it does allow the user to change the input mode but I would prefer using the inline edit mode.

Have searched through the API and I cannot seem to find a single method that would set the Input mode. Offcourse I can do that for a ITextCtl that I create but not for IHTMLViewer. I can see why it was designed in such a way but that doesnt help me :-(.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

The power of a Weekend

I was analysing my time management and just realised how important a weekend is to my existence. Just woke up about an hour back and have been lazying around watchin TV. My room is in a mess and the only reason for this is that I have skipped the last couple of weekends.

So what are the most important tasks that a person like me performs during the weekend.
- Laundry
- Collect all the small stuff lying around in the room and dump it in a big box ( well hidden from the view)
- Go out and blow a lot of money.
- Check the mail (snail mail)
- Get the grocery shoppin done so that I do not have to rely on chineese delivery every night.
- Check the bank and credit card accounts.
- Read other peoples blogs.
etc etc

My room is in a mess right now .. theres stuff all around the room and most of it is trash ... I was supposed to go to work today but I guess thanks to the expected snow storm in the evening I will just tanker down at home today. This should give me some time to get my lazy bones into action and get some stuff done. But right now ..its time to hit the bed again and lazy around a bit more :-).... weeekeend ... I just love it.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Books added to the collection

Over the last month I have been adding some good books to my collection. I usually depend on articles on the web and when I started out programming for mobile devices most of these books werent available...

1) J2ME :

This one has just come out - Developing Scalable Series 40 Applications -- A Guide for Java Developers. I have the earlier book by Micheal and read only a couple of chapters... rest of the stuff was not relavant for me. This book however is a charm. I know it deals with only nokia specific issues but it does provide a lot of handy code examples that will work on all phones. I think this could be labled as a complete j2me book. I havent read any j2me books and am sure there might be better ones out there but this book does it for me.

2) BREW : Wireless Game Development in C C++ with BREW

This book is really good and I mean it. I have been through a 4- 5 chapters and loved the writing style. Some people may argue that its a bit old but compared to what is out there these days this book still rocks.

3) Symbian series 60
Well Its been a long time since I worked in this platform but will have to start soon. So I got these 2 books.

- Developing Series 60 Applications
- Professional Symbian Programming.
The first book i believe is the best to start off coding with. It explains everything and gets u started. Very easy to get through the symbian learning curve with this one. The second book ..i just got a very good deal on it and i figure it will be a good reference book as time goes on. Havent even opened the book yet.

Will be adding more books as I look towards more time reading stuff ... havent done that for a while.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

On the way back - Seoul Airport

on the way back right now. The sleep cycle that I had planned for this trip worked out. Now I have to see whether I still have a Jet lag. I am feeling tired though , would love to lie down in my own bed.
Have been doing some thinking on the plane (when I was awake) and have come to the conclusion that there are a few things that I want to do in the coming years. Offcourse I havent set any date for when to accomplish these tasks...yet...
- visit amsterdam for 3 days.
- go sky diving
- drive from New Jersey to Seattle in a week. This should be fun.
- Be regular in the gym for atleast a month.
- get up everyday at 6:00 am (work days) and go to sleep on 11:30 pm.
- Would love to go Bungie JUmping some time

well thats a part of the list .. cant wait for the plane to land. This is torture - sitting in one seat for over 12 hours. Will close down my Laptop now and try to get another hours sleep.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Leaving Bangkok

Well my time in Bangkok is over now. It was a very very short trip. I will be leaving for the airport in an hour so I thought I might as well let the world know that I will be back in Jersey tomorrow morning after a gruelling 23 hour flight. I hope to stay awake for the first leg of the journey between Bangkok and Seoul and plan to sleep from Seoul to New York. This should get me to the office on Thursday morning in good shape but I don't think this is gone happen. Already my body clock is telling me that its sleepy time. Can hardly keep my eyes open.

Anyways, personally this trip was a good experience. There will be more blogs in the days to come about topics that I have thought abt blogging in the recent past but haven't been able to for some reason or the other.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

3 days and 4 nights in Bangkok

Its my third day here in bangkok and its been a good trip so far. Havent done a lot of exploring so as to say but have been to the markets here in Nana, Ari and Sana. The Thailand downtown is a awesome place. Its very much like an Indian city minus the livestock on the roads. There are high rise buildings and banners of branded goods and also plenty of old style buildings with really small walk ways. There is also a lot of new construction coming up. I am staying in the LandMark hotel in Nana district. Very nice hotel. Will be getting back stateside tommorrow after a 23 hour flight.

23 hours..... not looking forward to this at all.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

En route to Thailand

On me way to Bangkok right now... Completely exhausted more so mentally than physically. I started on saturday afternoon 12:00 pm from JFK New York and now the clock on my laptop shows 7:38 am in the morning. There are still 3 and half hours left till my plane touches bangkok so this will be a nice 24 hour jaunt around the globe. My first stop was Tokya(Nikara) airport for a couple of hours.. Changed planes there and now I am on a United flight to Bangkok. The flight is packed and I did not get aisle seats either. Note to self :- The next time the firm decides to send you around the globe do not settle for anything less than Business class.
I will be in Bangkok for about 3 days and 4 nights. Have meetings during the day but hope to explore the bangkok night life. Have heard a lot about it by now.
We kinda have some turbulence on the plane now so the skipper has asked everyone to return to their seats and fasten their seat belts. Will write more later

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Goin to Thailand

Found out yesterday that I will be going to Thailand and then found out last night that I will have to go to Thailand on saturday morning to be able to attend a meeting on Monday morning ... Been running around since then. Hopefully my tickets will arrive by mail tommorrow and so will the visa.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Back after a long long long time

Wow... This has been the longest time since I last blogged. Have been very very lazy. There have been a lot of changes in my life and was kinda tooo banged up to write anything down on the blog. Rest assured there will be a lot of stuff posted in the following days.

A bit of good news. A couple of Patent Applications that I am listed on as a Coinventor have been published. I have been told that this is the step before they are awarded. They were filed by my firm for products we built. Check them out if you get a chance : 20050015311 and 20050015310.