Monday, April 24, 2006

J2ME: Moto Key Codes

There are times when I agree that device manufacturers have to make changes in the software platform between different classes of devices... BUT ..keycodes ...commmmonnnn!!!!!

So damm frustrating ..

Seems like moto has decided to make a switch in the key code values of their handsets. The new series of handsets including the crappy yet popular RAZR and ROKR have different keycodes for the navigation keys than the earlier "Cool" phones like V600.

Here is the low down:

V600 : 1
RAZR: -1

V600 : 6
RAZR: -6

V600 : 2
RAZR: -2

V600 : 5
RAZR: -5

V600: 20
RAZR: -20

I know its just the negatives but I still have to make changes to my application. Common Moto take a cue from Nokia at being more developer friendly.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

ShopWiki : Comparison Shopping with a Difference

Nice site, I wouldnt say its a completely new concept in comparison shopping but its the first time I have seen this type of approach being taken. You see more and more sites coming up based on the WEB 2.0 ideology these days.

Whats intersting in ShopWiki is not that they are getting you the best price for a product ( I think I can get a better price on some other sites) but the fact that they help the user in making decisions about the product. The articles and reviews of a product or type of product are based on wiki's left by other users and provide valuable info for research. Lets face it the avaerage user spends about 80 % of the time researching about a product and only 20% of the time scoping out deals for stuff (s)he likes. Integrating the wiki pedia concept with comparison shopping is definitely new and I think this gonna pick up. Soon we will see a lot more sites working around these principles.

You can read more about the benefits of using ShopWiki here.

Nice concept, not the best catalog in terms of products but its only the start.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Where Was I ?

Long long time since I have posted anything on this blog. Time just flew by and I was suffering from the bloggers block or something similar... Just didnt know what to write about and I didnt want to reduce the blog to a links haven :-)

Well, blogging is growing in my firm. My firm's founder now has a blog too. A real tech geek, this should make interesting reading. Check it out :