Wednesday, September 22, 2004


Received my SCJP certificate by mail yesterday (finally ....) ... this makes me a bit more inclined to give the next certification that i had initially planned for -- SCMAD. Now the problem with SCMAD is that its a relatively new exam and since there are not many takers of this exam there are NO BOOKS ...

Its gonna be tough ... everywhere i go people mention tht the best way to prepare is reading the specs.... that is something that puts me to sleep (instantly) ... wish someone would not see the economic side of things and come out with a book ...some how reading the same sleepy stuff from a book instead of a PDF is more inviting :-)...

found this site .. seems to be good



  1. get up u lazy bum and do ur CSMAD or whatever, it took u like 2 yrs to give ur SJCP exam. Its not like sitting at home watching TV on weekends and act like u have a lot of stuff to do, but u had only ur laundry to do.....ha ha ha, i ma sure u'll know who i am with the laundry comment

  2. Malaaangi or shud i say Maalpaani ..

    dude i have given up on SCMAD.. and yeah JCP exam .. i finally got around to it only a month before the paper
    ;-)... thanks to some inspiration from the THE GUPTA