Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Sun Java Studio Mobility 6 rocks....

I have been using this IDE for the last 2 weeks now and all i have to say about it is that it rocks. Sure it has some bugs in it and its a bit slow compared to the other alternatives but i somehow have become very used to this tool.

I have had trouble creating new projects but the import facility that allows me to import earlier WTK projects is well made. I am sure other IDE's have that too but havent used them so dont know. I have used eclipse with the J2ME plugin but did not like that much and was using textpad with WTK (KToolbar) for all my project builds. I still prefer using the WTK but with this IDE i get "intellisense" :-)... i believe thats what you call it.

I am inlcuding a picture of the Import feature in the IDE. All you have to do is specify the root directory of the Toolkit and all the apps get listed out. I usually have a skeletal application in the WTK\Apps folder and i use this to build on the Midlet Suites.

Another nice feature i noticed abt the IDE is that it automatically includes all the attributes in the manifest file( eg. MIDlet-Delete-Confirm) of the jar. In the WTK these attributes only go into the JAD.

All in all .. its the best tool for J2ME development that i have used so far and I am planning on sticking with it.

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