Thursday, January 06, 2005

Dynamic Interfaces with IHtmlViewer (Brew)

Was playing around with generating a different User interface generating different user interfaces dynamically using the IHTMLVIEWER interface. I must say I wish there was a similar class in J2ME and Series 60. Its just to easy. Have the HTML file on the server. When the applet launches for the first time, download and store the html code in a file on the handset. Now that you have the html file, load it into an instance of the viewer and set it to active. Walah ! you have a complete display that can be altered based on the html file that you download.

There are other ways to do it but this way is just so dam simple. Took me about half a day to set up for my purpose. There are a few limitations though - In forms you cannot set the input mode for text boxes and the html tag list is only HTML 3.2 compliant. There might be others but these are the ones I noticed so far. Just glad to have got the job done with so little effort. :-)...

looking forward to a weekend at my sisters place... great food and no worries!

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  1. HI ,
    i am trying to build an similar app..
    could u post the code or send it by mali to me at
    thanks in advance....