Friday, April 29, 2005

Handset Blues

I have a plan with T-mobile USA and the contract that I had with them expired last November(2004). I have a Motorola V300 and frankly I got tired of it the second week after I got it. Its been a painful relationship for the last one and half years. I have endured it primarily cause I am just lazy, toooo cheap to spend money on buying a kickass handset and also bound by a one year contract. Now that it has been some time since my contract has expired I have been royally confused about the handset that I want to get.

Features I am looking for:
1) Good quality camera with access to the camera through my applications.
2) A decent programming platform : Symbian or BREW or even .NET with support for Java MIDP2.0 with as many additional JSR's as possible.
3) Bluetooth or IR connectivity.
4) Flip phone would be ideal.

Nokia 6600 was a phone that I was very excited about and almost got it but the non-flip on the phone was a big turn off that made me wait for some more time. The LGVx8000 from Verizon wireless is an awesome phone but to get that on a decent price means signing a contract for 2 years and also pay for almost anything I want to do with my device. Joining Verizon will be like going over to the dark side and I am not sure its something that I want to do right now, even though I am gooo gooo gaaa gaaaa over the bandwidth of data connections on the device. I don't know when the phones from AT&T and Cingular will be able to provide 3G like data service. Recently, I got a chance to play around with the Nokia 6260 at work ... hmmm.. this is something I could work with ... series60 version 2.0 , MIDP 2.0 , bluetooth, USB and a flip to boot. The only issue is that it is a bit bulky and has a stupid design as far as the placement of keys is concerned.

Is this a phone I can see myself carrying around for a year ???? .... lemme think .....


  1. I got a V600 last time I "upgraded" - it sucks too.

  2. Finally got hold of a Nokia 6260 from work. Have been carrying it around for the last couple of days. The device is quiet nice but can be pretty bulky to carry around.

    I dont think I like the position of the keys on the device either. The most fun I have had with the device is while surfing the web( the rotating flip is awesome ) and using the camera.