Friday, June 17, 2005

Recruiters and Mailing lists

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed the amount of emails we get from recruiters in mailing lists. I dont mind the ocassional email or two but lately almost all the development mailing lists I am registetered in have no questions ... just mails from recruiters enticing me to join a MNC in banglore. Thats not the end of it, I guess my email address was picked up and I keep getting emails from staffing firms (atleast 6-8) in a day. 80% of these emails are not even for my field of work. Some even offer me positions related to Mechanical engineering.

Now, lets get something straight. I am not against recruiters. They have a job to do like me but c'mon would you look at the profile of the person before approaching him. Maybe, I am irritated casue I am not in the Job Market but even if I was I would have appreciated just 1 email a week from a recruiter who has gone through my profile and had some work related to what I want to do. I would never be happy about getting 20 mails a day offering me jobs from desk clerks to .NET professionals.

I have already unsubscribed from most of the mailing lists... leaving only the ones that do have an occasional technical discussion.

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