Saturday, July 16, 2005

Starbucks and My Name

I am all for the Starbucks policy of putting ur name on ur glass when u order so that there are no mixups..but... the name "Punit" has been taking a beating lately. These are some of the interpretations of my name taken from my handy Nokia 6260.

These days I have begun to look forward to my Starbucks Name of the Day. :-)

"B" .. I am just going to put "B" is that ok ...

is it "Benit" ???.... Did u say Benit ???

Poni... I am sorry "Noni" ......

"Blinit" ... interesting name ...


  1. 'Puntu'......will be better

  2. Newyork man..

    Bade bade sharo me choti choti bade hoti rehte hai senorita ..