Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Complete Shutdown

I dont know if this is the work of Rahu or Ketu but the last week or so has been a complete shut down in my life.

It started early last week with my Laptop stopping to work completely. Just got it fixed today. There was some issue with the fan on the motherboard. Even without my laptop, I was some what at ease with my desktop and then all of a sudden on Wednessday night both the comcast internet connected and cable TV connection had some issues and gonked out on me. I have been waiting for the service guy to show up and am quiet pissed now at the so called customer service comcast offers. The service guy isnt available till Saturday !!!... thats a whole week and half without any service and they expect me to pay for it ???

Anyways, since I have almost nothing to go back home to, I decided to spend some time in the office and voila... my hard disk crashed today. My admin says he will not be able to get something working on my machine till tommorrow and even then he isnt sure about the data. Damm... feeel completely pissed off right now.

The only bright shining light... got my laptop back from the repair shop. Its working fine :-).

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