Monday, April 24, 2006

J2ME: Moto Key Codes

There are times when I agree that device manufacturers have to make changes in the software platform between different classes of devices... BUT ..keycodes ...commmmonnnn!!!!!

So damm frustrating ..

Seems like moto has decided to make a switch in the key code values of their handsets. The new series of handsets including the crappy yet popular RAZR and ROKR have different keycodes for the navigation keys than the earlier "Cool" phones like V600.

Here is the low down:

V600 : 1
RAZR: -1

V600 : 6
RAZR: -6

V600 : 2
RAZR: -2

V600 : 5
RAZR: -5

V600: 20
RAZR: -20

I know its just the negatives but I still have to make changes to my application. Common Moto take a cue from Nokia at being more developer friendly.

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