Thursday, August 10, 2006

DeviceAnywhere - Any device, Any network, Any global location

Have been using this site for testing out our applications. Pretty Neat ! Did find out that the application was misbehaving on a lot of phones. The system is pretty cool, you are connected to a real device and I would like to see more emulators built in similar fashion down the road. Won't that be cool.

The site is not perfect, the Launch conductor can hang at times but i suspect thats more to do with my PC than the actual app itself. You also need to have a really good connection speed.

1) As a developer I do not need to buy all the phones atleast not the crappy ones.
2) Gives the QA the ability to record frames so that there are no more "Cannot reproduce" statements in the test report.

1) I do not think their implementation is perfect for all devices. I have had some issues with screen refreshing that I do not think I am responsibloe for specially since they do not occur on the live device.
2) Would like to see more devices added to their list [OK ... this is not a negative]

They have a special promotion to try out the Beta product for 199.99 per month. I do not know how different this is from the actual product for 399.99 per month. I have been using the Beta product.

Hopefully, sites like Device Anywhere will drop their prices in the near future once they have made up their initial investement so that more developers can get access to devices.

DeviceAnywhere - Any device, Any network, Any global location

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