Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Flashcode: 2D barcodes in France

The flashcode service has launched in France. Flashcode(s) are basically Datamatrix barcodes that allow a user ( from SFR, Orange or Bouygues telecom) to scan the flashcode and access content situated in the Gallery portal of the carriers.

More info in french: http://www.flashcode.fr/


  1. AFMM group was created by the French operators. Exactly, Flashcode is a Datamatrix (standard code). However, Flashcode is an encrypted code (2344055).

    Open barcode (http://www.): direct resolution (not patented)
    Encrypted barcode (2343444): indirect resolution (patented by Neomedia)

    Only Mobiletag and Hotscan readers can read the Flashcodes.

    Mobiletag has partnered with Bouygues Telecom and Orange France. It seems that Wister/Scanbuy (Hotscan) has partnered with SFR.

  2. There is a dedicated Flashcode Reader application... the download link is pushed to your phone if you enter your phone number on the website.

  3. does this programme exist for samsung player 5 beacaus i can not gind it