Thursday, April 02, 2009

Use QR Codes to talk back with the Author

Collin Edward is launching his new book: Where Am I.  In the book,  the author (also a psychologist) helps in answering the simple questions like "How do I get there? and where is there?".  I guess, everything you wanted to ask about "Space" were afraid to ask. Should make an interesting read...

The author has placed a QR code on the jacket of book so as to allow his readers to talk back to him through their cell phones. Collin mentions that he has been fascinated by the role technology has played in the shifting our relationship with place and space.  In the video below he explains the 2D barcode technology to his readers.

Read the authors take on why he is using QR Codes here.

I like the idea of 2D barcodes on book covers as a way to reach out to the author of the book. It opens up an instant channel of communication.  I just hope the URL that the code points to : ( stays the same for a pretty long time ( I think it will).  However, I do believe that the indirect 2d barcode model could offer a more viable and effective solution for authors who would like to interact with their readers in a organized manner. Just another thing in the TO DO list for MeesaMo.

P.S> wanna a free singed copy of the book ? just scan the code on his blog and crack the code.

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