Thursday, February 16, 2012

AppQuu : Love the concept but need more functionality

I hate to say this but I was just thinking about a way to do a "read me later" for the apps that I see and read about on my commute. I had grand plans on how one magical weekend I would find the time to hammer out an app that would let me do just that... and here it is. Came across AppQuu on and felt the instant connection.

AppQuu in its own words is "Your Personal App Store" and works pretty well if you have an iPhone. Its really a pretty neat bookmark service.

The only setup required is to install their bookmark in your browser after providing them your phone number on their site. Its a pretty simple step on Chrome and I assume they support firefox and IE too. To use it, all you have to do is click on the bookmark when you are browsing a web page that has the download link of a application. Note, the bookmark looks for links to the Apple app store (http://itunes...) so if the webpage does not have the link then you will not be able to add the bookmark.

Once you collect your bookmarks, you can get them emailed or texted to your device. The message contains a link that pops up a WAP page that lists your apps. You click on the link to install the app. Simple enough ?

How does AppQuu make money ? I am not sure but one of the ways is the click throughs when you download the app from iTunes. The link they provide is through the linkshare network for iTunes.

Thumbs up to the AppQuu team for putting this together and providing a nice UX.

I am a Android user myself and havent yet figured out if they support Android at this time. Looks like my search will continue until they add Android or I find the magical weekend.

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