Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pizza Magnet : I want one of those !!!!

Red Tomato Pizza, a Dubai based pizzeria has solved the age old problem plaguing mankind for ages. How do i make ordering pizza even simpler then making a call ?

You just press a button and the pizza is ordered and delivered ( assuming the 30 min delivery)... yeah its that simple... Isn't this awesome ?

I was blown away when i saw the video on their site. They call it the "V.I.P fridge magnet" ( i think they should call it the "most awesome thing invented by mankind").

It looks like its pretty simple to setup.
- Create an account with your phone number.
- Setup your usual order.
- Order the magnet to be delivered to you.
- Charge the magnet and place it anywhere.
- Setup the magnet with the bluetooth of your smartphone ( I was elated to see android in the demo)
- Keep your phone close to you ( forget it in the office and it aint gonna work)
- Press the button , your favorite order is placed
- You receive an SMS confirmation and you can cancel the order by replying to it.

There are 2 reasons why I got really excited about this:
  1. This is a amazing use case for the practical use of bluetooth technology. I havent heard about it much lately and I have a soft corner for apps that use bluetooth.
  2. Me and my wife always order the same pizza from Papa Johns and I hate calling the number, speaking to the person and confirming my order... I am just too lazy for this. So now, all i have to do is push a button ? wow.
If Papa Johns offers this, I will stand in line outside their pizzeria's or best buy for 2 days to be one of the first to pick this up.

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