Wednesday, July 12, 2006 - the online barcode database.

Nice work !!! I joined the site recently and plan to post tons of barcodes into the system. It would be great when other sites can access the feed from barcodepedia. This is not the first initiative in creating a free database of barcodes, the more famous UPC Database is the first stop for anyone trying to lookup the product associated with a barcode specially if you use google.

What makes this site cool is the webcam barcode scanner :-). Check it out if you have a Webcam hooked up to your PC. The scanner seems to decode only when the barcode is in horrizontal alignment and there are a few false decodes too but overall the concept is cool and I love using it. Barcode decoding using webcams has been around for a while. There were numerous firms offering Webcam SDKs including SCANBUY but I do not know who currently provides this software anymore.

For best results, use a webcam with a adjustable focus. I am using the Logitech 4000 pro which has a adjustable focus around the lens and it works like a charm for barcode scanning.

The directions to use the scanner from the site...

"To use the scanner simply:
  1. 1 Adjust your webcam focus to be sharp on objects around 10cm/5inch from the webcam
  2. 2 Hold the barcode in front of the webcam such that you can see the entire barcode in focus in the preview area

Please notice that the current scanner only works with EAN13 and UPCA barcodes. Therefore if the scanner is unable to scan your barcode ensure that the barcode has 12-13 numbers below it."

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