Sunday, July 09, 2006

[SMS] Comparison Shopping: Smarter Price Check

Text comparison shopping is becoming popular. A lot of the regular comparison shopping sites have taken cues from the Google SMS service and have launched their own service for providing Prices by SMS.

I came across today and played around with their SMS service. Works quiet well for electronics and similar stuff. All the user has to do is a be a bit specific in his search. The service works best when you provide the Manufacturer name and SKU Number, Providing a partial product name and SKU or Model number gives accurate results too. Needless to say, their SMS number is now in my phone book.

Try it yourself: Text the Product Name + Model Number of any product to the number 610-7627837 and you will get an SMS back with the best price. To find the Model number etc.. try looking on the sides of the box

I searched for "Win TV 1033" and got back the exact prodcut with the pricing available at I am so glad that I did not over pay and got it cheaper to SCANBUY ;-) earlier. I did try entering the UPC but that did not give me any results at all, but who's complaining :-).

Taking on Google SMS? :-) ... I love their approach. Check out How we stack up on their website. Gives a clear indication of what the relatively smaller firms should aim for in terms of service to stay afloat with the BIG G around. I agree with the Smarter team completely. Way to go guys.

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  1. It would be so cool to have an MMS service where we could just send the photo of the product and get back the prices.