Saturday, September 02, 2006

Data Service: Is it really a APP killer?

Found this interesting post by Nasser. He brings up a really neat point. Data service adoption has been slow here in the states and yes the adoption rate does hit any application (including SCANBUY Shopper and Slifter) that uses data service.

An application residing on the phone is a natural extension to the PC world that the average user has grown accustomed to. Its a more comfortable setting for the user where he can process a large amount of data with relative ease. Services using telephony do have a cost factor advantage but I do not think the comparison between services using telephony and data service is a fair one as they cannot be truely compared in terms of features they offer. Data service based application(s) like shopping assistants can provide the user more data and easy navigation (Seeing is believing). I do believe the telephony feature of the cell phone is and will be an important part of any service being offered for mobile devices in the years to come, however it will only be a small part of the complete service. Having a UI that a person can see and interact with is definitely the way to go.

But what about the extra price?
Cellular services have been a bit slow here in the US compared to markets in Asia and Europe. The carriers in the US have spent and are spending a huge amount of green ones on setting up their networks to incorporate data. True, there is an extra cost of this setup hitting the first batch of consumers but eventually the prices are going to go down (remember SMS?) .

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