Thursday, September 14, 2006

Tabs in my Google Home page

Its a tabbed world. Started with Firefox and n then IE and now it seems everything I use comes with tabs :-). Just noticed the new Tab feature on my personalized home page. This should help me organize the clutter on my page :-)

The only complain, I wish they let me choose the color for my tabs. Green and white combo just isnt something I like. So I decided to check the different colors out and began adding tabs but now I am stuck on the 4th tag :-( and it wont let me add more tabs and neither will it let me go back to my previous tabs.... A very Buggy situation. Hopefully the bug would have dissapeared by tommorrow.


  1. UGLY colors that's right!! too much of the same color is killing my eyes. and no possibility to grab and move the tabs. also not possible to move items that are on the main page to any of the other tabs.

    see u :)

  2. I figured out how to drag and drop the widgets between tabs. Didnt happen in the begnning but have been able to do it now. :-)