Monday, January 26, 2009

QR code on Youtube's Iphone WAP site

How is YouTube using QR Codes ??

This is the question I have been trying to answer in my head but haven't come up with a convincing answer yet.

YouTube has added a link "Qr Code" on the video wap pages just below the Share Video link. The link opens up to a Image of a QR code that is encoded with the URL of the video. What is strange is that this link only appears when I visit wap site with my Iphone. The blackberry and Nokia N70 does not show this link.

So whats the point of allowing a Iphone user to view a QR code image ????

hmmm.... The YouTube app on the Iphone does not scan QR codes... atleast not yet...
One thought that I could come up with was that a newer version of the Iphone YouTube Iphone app would be able to scan the images directory on the phone, locate QR codes, decode them and allow the user to view these videos inside the application. The user visiting the wap site would simply have to save the QR code image in their phone's images directory....

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