Saturday, December 11, 2004

ICamera Interface .....

ICamera interface provides access to the camera features of the handset. It is can be used in devices that support BREW version 2.1 and above. There is a catch to it though some devices are version 2.1 and above and have a onboard camera but the ICamera interface is blocked ( mostly due to carrier influence? don?t want to share the picture messaging revenue).

In States we recently have a few devices(Not all of them might be out)
Moto V265(This is the one that I have),LG VX7000,Moto V710 and LG VX8000. These do support the ICamera interface and are available with Verizon wireless? There might be others ..but haven?t had a chance to look at them.

Spent the last couple of days working on it. There are three modes that the ICamera interface can be used in Preview Mode, SnapShot Mode, Movie Mode. Havent tried out the movie mode .. but played around with the Preview mode and the snapshot mode and thanks to the some help by folks at the Qualcomm Brew forums have some code ready.

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