Sunday, December 12, 2004

Sunday Blues

Was working on creating a applet that allows the user to take pictures and store them in the application folder for sending them to a server at a later time. Everything works well and will post the code in the next few days ... feel tooo lazy to do it right now.

One thing I did notice though. I set the resolution to 640 * 480 for taking images and in defered encode mode i run out of memory very quickly. It works ok for 340 * 240 resolution ( I took 24 consecutive snapshots and then gave up). There must be something that I am doing wrong in my code ... cant put my finger on it. I really shouldnt be getting a ENOMEMORY error in this case. Hopefully tommorrow I will get some time in the evening to play around with the code.

Its been very frustrating the last couple of weeks and regular readers of my blog ( if there are any) might have noticed that I was slacking off on adding new posts. The project I am working on is interesting to say the least and its very challenging. For some reason i keep encountering issues everyday. Havent had a day when I didnt have to research on some topic or the other.

Hopefully, tommorrow will be a very productive day. I have always found that If I reach the office around 8:00 am the day becomes very productive. Will have to beat the cold weather and get up really early tommorrow.

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