Monday, September 05, 2005

Jumped out of an AIRPLANE

I finally did it... one more thing out of my todo list. feeeeeelin so happy bout this...:-)

Took a tandem sky dive yesterday from 13500 feet. After about 25 - 30 seconds of freefall gazed at the view of philadelphia and Atlantic city while descending with a parachute. It was AMAZING !!!!... Have a video of it too and will be getting a DVD in 2 to 4 weeks so will be posting the putri falling from the sky in some time.

Had been planning for like 2 months now to go down and try out sky diving but something or the other kept coming up on the weekends but yesterday I had the right group of friends and more importantly they were in the right frame of mind. Jeez I can still remember the view and the force of the wind on my face when I was falling down.

As soon as I got on the ground, everyone around was asking me "Would you do it again ?"... Hell Yeah .. but not in the near future ;-)..

Check out
Free Fall Adventures. The place is really nice for first time jump. Will post some pics on this post as soon as they are available.

Next : I am thinking "Bungee Jumping" or maybe "Scuba Diving"

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