Sunday, September 25, 2005

Magic Weekend

week·end (wēk'ĕnd')
The end of the week, especially the period from Friday evening through Sunday evening.

mag·ic (măj'ĭk)
A mysterious quality of enchantment.

[definitions from]

A weekend becomes a "Magic Weekend" when on Sunday evening while rushing through your laundry in laundromat you have a smile on your face. The smile of satisfaction of having done away with the little "TODO's" that keep piling on.

I have a few "TODO's" piling up in post-its on my screen and have been waiting for a weekend to take care of them but for some reason or the other I keep getting out of my jammies. Lets break down a magic weekend for the uninitiated.

Wakup : 10:30 am ...... well 11:00 actually.
Caffiene Fix : Dunkin Donuts and back by... 12:30 pm.
Reflection time: Time spent staring at the computer screen and then looking at the post its selecting the Post it to hit first .... 2:00 pm.
Let the magic begin: work on the thingie till about 5.00 pm .. this is the time u spend downloading the tools you dont have or researching on the gie's that might hit u later.
Nap time : Behind every great piece of code is a short Nap in front of the TV. 5.00 to ....
Free your mind: go out .. dont get drunk.

Session 1: there is just something about starting to work at 1: 00 am ...
Sleepy time: Goto sleep around 4:00 am after 3-4 hours of intensive coding... by this time you have laid all the ground work of your little project and need only minor tweaks here and there.
Wakey wakey : go easy on urself... its a weekend after all.. get up by 12 -1.00 pm,
Caffiene fix: Get ur caffiene fix by around 2:30
Wrap Up time: By this time you are pretty happy with urself and despite the drousy feeling you have already accomplished abt 80 % of the task at hand. Wrap things up ... lets say by 6.00 pm..
Laundry time: Hit the laundromat by 8:00 with a smile on ur face.

Its been quite some time since I spent a weekend like this. Not that I am complaining but would love to have a weekend like this one in a couple of months... a few thingies can only be done on a weekend. Stuff that I need to take care of One by One

1) Screen Gabber Application for taking screenshots. The little module I use at work is good but I do have to go through the trouble of adding it to my applet.

2) Amazon and Ebay seller Applet. Applet allows the user to keep track of stuff (s)he is selling on an online market place.

3) Complete XML parser on BREW. My firm wont buy the one from Reaxion and the one that I wrote for the application is toooo dam specific to the applet. Requires a bunch of changes here and there to make the changes. Need to convert something like expat into BREW. Should add only about 15 kb to my applet binary.. I can live with that.

4) Porting dynamic UI controls to j2me.

Hopefully will have some time in coming 2 weekends to launch the magic mode.

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