Thursday, September 08, 2005

scanLIFE : My Very own Barcode

Been waiting for this. Barcode scanning has finally arrived in states, well it has been around for some time now but scanning a regular retail barcode required a ugly add on lens that kept getting lost.

With scanLIFE the need for lens is gone. These 2D barcodes scan really well even with the not so perfect camera's on the phones available here. The whole concepts is really great. This is my barcode.. what they call the personel ID code. Scan It!!! and get my Info on your cell phone.

My own code !!!

But that's not all... When you scan my barcode and the application makes a lock on the screen it provides you with options.

1) You can call me.
2) You can send me an SMS
3) You can even see my Blog on your phone.

All this, just my simply rotating the phone on the code. How cool is that ????

I see a lot of places where I can place my code ... I guess the recommended place would be Visiting Cards. Will post some action shots when I do get around to exploring the whole system.

Check it out for your self :

P.S : The app that scans the barcodes is FREEEEEEE!!!!!. Who said there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Steps to get your own code.
1) goto the site and fill in your info in the form. Click Here !
2) Once you have filled in your information, Hit the Generate Code button and Walah! you are done.
3) You will recieve an email with your own code as an attachment. For some reason you also recieve a Outlook VCF file.

The email looks something like this.


  1. Hi,guy.I'd download the sls60.sis from website and installed in my Panasonic X800 device,it can not work.There always display red text "Camera Already in Use",once I open fact ,I'd not using my camera.How to shooting it?I can not find any help file at scanlife.ocm waana get help from you.Thanks!You can sent shooting step to me by mail: ERIC

  2. Hi,
    If you are into QR Codes and you happen to have a Nokia (or soon a Sony Ericsson), you rather be going to to get the real thing;)
    Or maybe you can also download a QR application at CamReader?

    To create your own QR Codes, visit:

    To see videos how it works:

    Thank you for the discovery of QR-Clip

  3. About the "Camera Already in Use" error. I believe you are get this message only when the native camera application is running in the back ground. Try opening the native camera application and then select the Exit option. If this does not work then try restarting the phone and try the app again.

  4. Roger,

    Thanks for the pointer to Kaywa reader. Seems like a neat application. There is something I have noticed about QR readers though, they dont work well on the average camera phones available specially here in the US. The camreader application offcourse is a really neat app. Its a pity its only available on expensive KDDI devices.