Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Telecom Italia launches "Flash Me"

From Scanbuy Press Release: Telecom Italia launches the service ‘Flash Me’, a mobile application based on 2D code technology that utilizes the mobile phone’s camera to read a sort of ‘virtual stamp’ printed on magazines, newspapers and other advertising devices, to directly connect the user to the mobile Internet. 

The technology that TIM has chosen is provided by its partner Scanbuy and it can be used in any country around the world. It allows the user to access different types of mobile content; websites, photos, videos, music, news and product information. ‘Flash Me’ can be currently used on 28 TIM mobile phone models to make Internet access easier for clients. Furthermore, ‘Flash Me’ is considered to be an innovative service that will have a deep impact in the mobile advertising market. The service has been recently launched in Mexico and in the USA and it’s also supported by mobile operators and mobile manufacturers in Latin America, Spain, France, and Denmark.

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