Thursday, February 26, 2009

Website Magazine uses Scanlife 2D Barcodes

The Website Magazine has added Scanlife Ezcodes in its February issue to allow readers to get more information about specific articles on their mobile phones. This is one of the first uses of the 2 D barcode technology by a publication in the United States. I could see about 4 different codes published in the magazine. 

From the Magazine:
"Website magazine has aligned with Scanbuy and its ScanLife application to provide you quick access to websites via 2D barcodes. In this and future issues of Website magazine, readers will see images on specific pages. All it takes is a free download of the free application at and you can use your internet connected phone to scan barcodes in the magazine and gain access to exclusive content on the web."

This is a great start, I do think that physical print media is the best place to place barcodes.

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