Sunday, November 21, 2004

Issues with installing Hello World Applet on the phone

Well .. I am nearly at the end of the development cycle in my project. Have all the GUI and logic figured out. Now, all that’s left is the Camera module. Unfortunately the ICamera interface cannot be instantiated on the emulator. I have tried with the V625 ( the device I am developing for) emulator and it doesn’t work.

So the next step will be to port my app on the device and test and debug from there. I found this excellent thread at the BREW forums with all the info required to create the mod file. Hats off to Tyndal.

You can access the thread

The only thing stopping me from actually deploying a Applet on the phone now is the drivers for the data cable for the Moto v26x series. The OS detects that it’s a device from the V26x series but just doesn’t find the drivers anywhere. I haven’t been able to find them anywhere on the web either.

Just cant wait to have a complete BREW applet run on the device. They say it gets easier after the first one. Its been three weeks since i started coding in BREW and though the programming part is something that i have gotten used to (its really just C) the other part about the device and stuff is a royal pain in the A**.

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