Saturday, November 20, 2004


I love Fridays .. i really do ...

In my office we have this ritual - we get pizza for everybody for lunch .. everybody just gathers around and has slices of pizza and coke(not slices but cans ) . Its the time when you drop whatever you are doing and head to the common area to grab a slice of the best pizza ("The Bird" from 2boots) before its finished. Once you are done with that you can sample the other toppings. I have always made it a point never to take a holiday on Friday but occassionaly i had to(what was i thinking ??) and have always missed the pizza round about lunch time. We also have a programmer who is like the Pizza Marshal .. he is incharge of ordering the pizza and making sure we have plenty of coke to go around.

In the evening today i had rented a couple of videos and watched both of them .. the first one "The Whole 10 yards" was extremely funny and the second one "The Day After Tommorrow" was a bore actually. I got time to catch up on my email correspondence while I was watching that movie. Still have a lot of catching up to do ... but .. I have the whole weekend ahead of me. :-)

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