Saturday, November 20, 2004

Saturday ...sleepy Satuday

Well as usual another Saturday gone and no work done. I am getting good at being unproductive. Maybe next time I will not make ambitious plans for a saturday. I got up at 1:30 pm in the afternoon (whole morning gone) thanks to a call from a freind. Then I decided to clean up my place .. its been neglected for some time now and it took me the whole afternoon to early evening to do that .. I finally got my desktop out of the box and set it up. All I have to get now is a longer ethernet cable and that baby is gonna rock and roll.

As for the other stuff I had planned for .. just cant find the zone these days .. Had plan to research on a RSS reader that i wanted to make for my cell phone.. but I just cant find the programming zone state of mind .. been sitting in front of the PC for clost to an hour now .. but havent coded anything .. hope i find my programming ways tomm morning .. have a lot of stuff to do .. as for now .. will return to watching Godfather on cable ...

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  1. Saturdays are for relaxation...after a busy tiring week to rejuvinate yourself.

    your wellwisher