Wednesday, February 23, 2005

IHtmlViewer - Input Mode for Data (Brew)

My frustration continues with IHtmlViewer in my BREW application. I have a HTML Form that I want the user to fill out. Some of the fields can be only numeric and it becomes a pain if the user has to use the Multi- tap input mode for this.

The viewer operates in 2 modes - the Inline edit mode and the normal mode (Each field opens up in another window). In the second mode it does allow the user to change the input mode but I would prefer using the inline edit mode.

Have searched through the API and I cannot seem to find a single method that would set the Input mode. Offcourse I can do that for a ITextCtl that I create but not for IHTMLViewer. I can see why it was designed in such a way but that doesnt help me :-(.


  1. Got it working .. had to do some stuff in the handleevent function of the applet to keep track of the key presses. Its not the most elegant way and also not scalable to other devices but serves the purpose for now.

    Have developed a custom control in another application that uses the HTMLViewer for displaying static data and creates ITEXTCTL and IMENUCTL on the fly based on the input data. This works decently .. the only issue is that the display is not attractive to the user some times.

  2. why didn't you just set the Inline flag and call SetProperties?

  3. Didnt find a property that would set the input mode ... The only properties I found were


    Are there any other properties that I am missing???

  4. In Japan,To set the input Method,
    "istyle" attribute and "mode" attribute are set as the attribute of the "input" tag in the HTML document
    (HTML Document = the 2nd argment of IHTMLVIEWER_ParseBuffer).

  5. can you post the code for this?