Sunday, February 20, 2005

The power of a Weekend

I was analysing my time management and just realised how important a weekend is to my existence. Just woke up about an hour back and have been lazying around watchin TV. My room is in a mess and the only reason for this is that I have skipped the last couple of weekends.

So what are the most important tasks that a person like me performs during the weekend.
- Laundry
- Collect all the small stuff lying around in the room and dump it in a big box ( well hidden from the view)
- Go out and blow a lot of money.
- Check the mail (snail mail)
- Get the grocery shoppin done so that I do not have to rely on chineese delivery every night.
- Check the bank and credit card accounts.
- Read other peoples blogs.
etc etc

My room is in a mess right now .. theres stuff all around the room and most of it is trash ... I was supposed to go to work today but I guess thanks to the expected snow storm in the evening I will just tanker down at home today. This should give me some time to get my lazy bones into action and get some stuff done. But right now ..its time to hit the bed again and lazy around a bit more :-).... weeekeend ... I just love it.

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