Monday, May 09, 2005

KDDI devices Rock

Have been playing around a KDDI device ( W2SSA) for the last week or so and I am just wonder struck right now. The implementation of the BREW API speically the ICamera interface is just perferct. Havent seen a device yet that supported so many of the parameters that are mentioned in the BREW API. The specs too are very detailed, the only down side ... all the info available on the phone is in Japanese. Its been tough trying to translate the Japanese into English using the google language translator service.

Here are a few titbits... the default size to run the preview mode is 320 * 240 pixels ... snaps go upto 1280 *960 pixel resolution. The camera on the device has a autofocus that can be controlled through the code.

For a complete list of the device refer to

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