Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Mail from xiaoxiazhang09@yahoo.com.cn

I usually dont spend time on reading through spam but I was exceptionaly bored today. It does make interesting reading... The following email was sent to publicnetwork@gmail.com and it ended up in my inbox. Didn't know the publicnetwork email address existed.

From: 晓霞 张
To: publicnetwork@gmail.com
Date: May 10, 2005 12:28 PM
Subject: Thank you for your advices and recommendations in the YAHOO chat room...

Thank you for having a cheerful chat with me the otherday in the YAHOO chat room.

Already forgot me? Hehe...I was that 20/femalecollege student in Shanghai. During our cheerfulchat, you kindly indicated that my English was justso-so and definitely could need some improvements.

So I took your advice and paid a visit to
http://www.hellofrogs.com/, a web site that was highlyrecommended by you while we chatted. And guess what?You were absolutely right! The educational materialsin that web site are so hilarious!

As I've been learning American English from
http://www.hellofrogs.com/ on a regular basis, Ibelieve my English skills have drastically improved.Amazingly enough, I feel my confidence in English isgetting higher and higher every day. All thanks toyou and your recommendations last time when we chatted.

Look forward to seeing you in the chat room soon.

Xiaoxia Zhang
Shanghai Fudan University

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