Friday, May 27, 2005


This is something that I wanted to do myself for some time now and today I found out that it already exists. The Japanese are way ahead of the rest of the world :-)....

The idea is to encode sound into a QR code(which is capable of handling a byte stream). Most of the phone's in Japan come with a in built QR code reader and this reader will then decode the printed QR and play the sound. Its as simple as that.. funny no one here in states is doing it.

Heres some stuff from the website.
"At this corporation with the audition sight which is offered, the QR cord/code is issued. As for the general viewer, if it photographs by the portable telephone to which bar-code reading function is attached, the same, audition becomes possible. In addition, being to issue the QR cord/code of 10 types classified by advertising media, at it is possible to investigate the announcement effect classified by medium " the management tool " top. For example, it becomes possible for the announcement effect and the like classified by store where the flier is distributed to investigate in detail." [Translated using google language tools]

"With this service, the private sight which can do the audition first by the portable telephone is offered. Because it is playback by the portable telephone, anytime, the actual CD and the demonstration tape, the audition the event and the live sound source et cetera it is possible and * anywhere to do. Unless it purchases the CD, or goes to the event * live meeting place and the like it becomes in advance the audition possible really not to be able to inquire about performance. At this corporation, expanding the chance of the promotion to the chestnut thornback tar * event plan person of especially インディーズ type, we think you can utilize widely, as the tool which it receives. Being free, to inquire about tune it can do the general viewer with making the transmission system, " audition ". Inquiring about music widely, it is possible to do the promotion which is different to the improvement of the frequency of mobilization of of sales promotion * live and the event of the CD until recently by receiving."[Translated using google language tools]

For the curious, here is a link to the original website :QR-CLIP . The page is in japanese but you should be able to read that ;-)

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