Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Postcards from Chatteris

I came across this in a post on . The idea is really simple , it is a record of school kids from Fenland, Cambridgeshire, using mobile phone picture messages.

Info on their site

"Each person taking part had the camera phone for one week. They sent one picture message each day direct to this site, showing something from their day-to-day lives in Fenland, and it was completely up to them what they decided to photograph and send in. Nothing was more or less important than anything else. At the end of one week, they passed the phone on to the next person in the chain"

There is nothing new about photo blogs, the idea of photo blogging (well atleast photo sharing) was the the original concepts behind introducing a camera in the cell phone. I believe was one of the first sites that came up that were made specifically for camera phones. The creator had made this site for his mother to share pictures and it quickly evolved into a place where anyone and everyone could post and share pictrures.

Postcards from Chatteris does offer some amusing pictures... great to kill some time in the office.

You can access the site here
Postcards from Chatteris

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