Saturday, January 13, 2007

Gmail for your phone

Just downloaded and played around with the gmail j2me application on the Fusic. Looks awesome, just like the web version. Couple it up with Sprint's network on the fusic... its a real sweet experience.

Though, I would have liked the ability to use the application when I am not in network coverage like the subway. The application keeps connecting to the server... :(... so ... its really not much of a use to me. If I have to stay connected while using the applcation then why wouldnt I just use the WAP site... hmmm.. but another solid application from the google mobile team, love the ui: neat and simple.


  1. yes gmail on phone awesome.And why would you use it instead of the wap.?
    Beause with gmail app on mobile you can open word,pdf attachment.Not sure if you can do that on wap.

  2. Yep, I doubt you can do that with WAP. If you can then the number of phones that allow you to do that will be very limited.

    Only if I could access the messages like on outlook then it would be awesome.