Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Orkut goes Mobile: SMS a Scrap

Just got this off Google's blog:

"orkut SMS will become available to orkut members in Brazil who use Claro as their mobile service provider."
"So next time you want to scrap your friend Sergio about a party, just text message orkut with "scrap Sergio it's party time man!"

Users in Brazil using the Claro service will now be the first to try out Orkut through SMS. If it works there, then the rest of us mortal soles will get to use it too.

Was checking out another application from GetJar yesterday that launched the browser and used the tinyURL service to open the orkut WAP page. SMS is a nice step but i would love to see a WAP site come up for Orkut. hmmm... this gives me ideas...

Note to self: Find out if Orkut has a developer API?

Official Google Blog: SMS on orkut

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  1. Hi,
    I am currently using orkut and facebook i always choose orkut as my regular usage..
    Because orkut was really nice social site and this article giving me info about orkut so i really like it..