Saturday, January 27, 2007

iMapia: Mapping Application

"iMapia is a mobile mapping application designed specifically for mobile devices. It enables you to get maps, driving directions and local points of interest such as banking, restaurants, shopping centers etc., directly from your cell phone, Treo, Blackberry or other Java enabled mobile devices. iMapia is free to individual users"

A free application with Maps???... how does it compare to Google Maps ??? ... what got me really interested in the application was the "real" cost of using the app in terms of data service charges. Get the complete description here.

The data presentation is pretty good in terms of maps. I couldnt get the directions to work at the time I was playing with the app but the maps came out all right and fast too. Was using a Moto L7 on Cingular's network. I do think this application will work fine on Sprint PCS handsets too specially since they are using High level controls.

Maps look strikingly similar to the ones available from Maporama... wonder who they are using as their provider.

All in all a neat application.

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  1. No, this is not related to Maporama. thanks for mentioning iMapia.