Friday, January 12, 2007

scanR Applications

Found a couple of applications (downloadable) for scanR on GetJar. The scanR website does not mention any downloadable applications or at least I couldn't find any information.

It is interesting that they are coming out with apps for 2 platforms: Symbian (3rd edition) and Windows Mobile. I haven't played with the apps as yet but will do as soon as I can get the right device. From the screen shots it looks like an application that scans the images directory on the phone and list all the images out. The user then selects the image and sends it over to the server. But screen shots can be misleading so will write more once I play with the application.

I remember talking to a scanR rep in CTIA last year about them thinking of putting an application on the phone to make the whole process easier. I believe they were also targeting BREW at that time. To me, you cant get any simpler than a MMS. Having the end user download the application can be a pain.

To me having a downloadable application makes sense if they do some sort of processing on the phone before sending the image out. A sort of Triage of the image. Another reason could be to allow the user to shoot pictures from within the application... though I am not sure this approach would work, you get good results from scanR only if you have a decent resolution. Most of the programming platforms do allow the app to access the camera but the resolutions returned are usually lower than the native camera app.

Addition (From Noah):
Download the applications for Palm, Windows and Symbian here:


  1. Hey Punit,

    Here is a link to the downloadable applications for scanr:


  2. Thanks Noah, I am including the link to download the app in the Post.