Friday, March 06, 2009

12Pixels, Draw on your mobile phone, 1 pixel at a time.

The 12Pixels sytem provides a end user the ability to draw and share pixel based imagery using only the keys on the standard mobile phone. See the video below, you will be amazed at the stuff you can do with such a simple interface.

12pixels was recently released in Japan in association with Sony Style. The images drawn by the end users can be saved on the phone as wallpapers, converted to emoticons and even sent to friends in messages.

I loved the simplicity of the user interface to make the images, even though the system is not flexible enough to make the monalisa but sure makes it simple to make emoticons. Cool toy to have !!! Some of the works of art are below, you can find more here and here. A blog post by the creator describing the project is here.


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