Saturday, March 14, 2009

ScanLife: Multiple Action Codes aka Menu Codes

Checked out the Menu Codes on ScanLife yet?
If not then you should definitely give it a try. ScanLife allows publishers to associate multiple actions with the same barcode. The actions are displayed to the end user in a menu, the end user selects the action he wants to execute.
- From Scanlife Website:
"These codes come in handy when you have a lot to offer. They're also incredibily useful when you want the user to choose what's right for them. They can check out a movie preview, find the closest theater or maybe even buy tickets - all in one code!"
At present 7 different actions can be embedded into a Menu code in any order: Web (for web sites), SMS ( snd txt), CALL ( phone call), MMS (snd mms),  CONTACT (vcf), EMAIL and NOTE (txt note).

The possibilities of this code are endless, these are ideal for Voting Campaigns (allow users to vote by Web or SMS for the options), Product Mktg campaigns (allow the user to choose the promo material he wants to see specs, wall papers, more info).
I used the menu code to publish my personal information (img on right). The menu code can easily replace the barcode on the back of my business card as it gives the end user the option of what information he would like to use rather than having to download the entire info and then having to sort through it.

You can scan the my barcode  (img on the left) to get my personal menu on your phone. To download the scanlife reader visit on your mobile phone.  At present the menu code is supported by Windows, palm, symbian, Iphone and the Android platforms. There is limited support for this feature in the Java based readers.

To create your very own Menu code, login to your account on and select the Menu icon () from the create code section on the left.  If you do not already have a account, you can register for a personal ( free) or Commercial account

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