Tuesday, March 10, 2009

SplashURL uses QR codes (SplashQRCode Bookmarklet)

Found this on Tony Hirst's blog.
The Splash Url service seems similar to the tiny url service. It shortens the longer URLS into smaller versions. This can be of help during presentations etc. One feature that Christopher Gutteridge has added is the ability to generate QR codes from these smaller links.
Pretty neat idea. I installed the SplashQRCode bookmarklet on my firefox and it works well. I regularly use the Mobile Barcoder plugin in firefox for all my converting urls to QR codes needs and one problem I always found was that the QR codes for longer urls ( e.g. the urls of blog posts) can get ery long and this leads to a big ass barcode.  Scanning these barcodes is a pain.  Using the Splash URL plugin you get QR codes with decent sizes.
I am currently not sure whether the small urls are stored somewhere on the server and will be available if I scan the QR code say later in the evening. 
One thing I picked up from Tony's blog post was concern over how to monetize the transaction. One idea is, when the user scans the QRCODE, show him a wap page with some branding and adverts. The user can skip this page and go to the final page by clickin the link.  If an institution does not adverts to be shown before its pages, let it pay a fee of say 1 cent a scan. The goal is no money to be charged to the end user  (person who scans the QR code). 

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